DAAD is funding research stay at Yale University

For the second year in a row, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) enables two students to pursue a research internship at Yale University by funding scholarships as part of the 'RISE Worldwide' program.

With RISE Worldwide, the DAAD supports the international exchange in the natural and engineering sciences. The program funds German Bachelor students with scholarships for internships all over the world. During their research stay, students are supervised by local researchers. The research internship was made possible by a collaboration of Prof. Dr. Ali Sunyaev (University of Kassel) and Prof. Jacub Szefer (Computer Architecture and Security Laboratory, Yale University, USA).

The two students, Marius Bock and Cihan Bogay, came out on top of a competitive selection process in Germany. During their internship they support exiting and up-to-date research projects. Marius Bock will investigate the question of how to secure cloud services with the help of dynamic certifications in the future. His work will help to remove concerns about cloud services and increase the adoption of cloud services along with their manifold benefits. Cihan Bogay's work builds up upon a previous research project to identify consumers' privacy information needs. The aim of his work is to conduct a survey to analyze US consumers’ privacy information needs and compare them to the needs of consumers living in Germany.

We cordially congratulate Marius Bock and Cihan Bogay and wish them a successful research stay!

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