RISE worldwide - International Research Internships 2017

DAAD is funding German students again, going to 37 different countries with RISE worldwide.

Ali Sunyaev from the Department of Information Systems is offering a research internship in cooperation with the Yale University. Bachelor Students from the University of Cologne can apply from November 1st, 2016 through December 15th, 2016 to a maximum of three internship projects.


RISE worldwide

Highly motivated Undergraduate Students with good grades and recommendations from the fields of earth sciences, engineering, natural sciences, medicine, and related disciplines, will be matched with researchers worldwide, who wish to host young German researchers for the summer. DAAD provides scholarships for the successful applicants to help cover part of the living and travel costs.
www.daad.de/rise/de/rise-weltweit/ueber-das-programm/ for more information.


Internship - Trust, but Verify! Dynamic Certifications of Cloud Services


An increasing number of organizations outsource their data and applications to the cloud, empowering them to achieve financial and technical benefits. However, some organizations are still hesitant to adopt cloud services because of security, privacy, and availability concerns as well as doubts about the trustworthiness of cloud providers. Cloud service certifications are good means to establish trust, increase transparency of the cloud market, and allow providers to improve their processes and systems. Several certifications, such as “EuroCloud Star Audit” and “CSA Star”, have recently evolved and attempt to assure a high level of security, availability, and legal compliance, for a validity period of one to three years. However, cloud services are part of an ever-changing environment, resulting from fast technology life cycles and inherent cloud computing characteristics. Hence, such long validity periods may put in doubt the reliability of issued certificates. Conditions and requirements of such certifications may no longer be met throughout these periods, for instance, due to configuration changes or major security incidents. To increase trustworthiness of issued certifications and to assure continuously reliable and secure cloud services, we focus on research and development of dynamic certifications for cloud services, which enable auditors to continuously and (semi-) automatically audit and monitor crucial parameters of cloud services.

During this internship, you will help us to develop metrics, methods, and design guidelines for continuous monitoring and (semi-)automatic certification of cloud services. More importantly, we provide you with the opportunity to select a specific research topic in the context of dynamic certification that you are most interested in. These topics include the design of certification processes, the derivation of guidelines for the management of dynamic certifications, the development a prototype and the analysis of the impact of dynamic certifications on cloud service customers (among many others).


Contact: Sebastian Lins (lins(at)wiso.uni-koeln.de).


Yale University

We are cooperating with Prof. Jakub Szefer, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Yale University.
http://seas.yale.edu/faculty…/faculty-directory/jakub-szefer for more information.