Our research group works intensely on research topics concerned with the design, development, and evaluation of information systems. We do research on management of cloud computing services (especially software as a service), health information technology (eHealth / Health IT), data and information quality, and management of information security. Conducting research in these areas, we are keen on combining technical, organizational, social, and economical aspects of information systems research.

Our research projects have strong domain foci, particularly, on the healthcare and financial services industries. The strong domain foci enable us to provide new insights and improve understanding of the social, political, commercial, and technological aspects of IS/IT management within the domains and beyond.

We follow the approach of information systems research (a symbiosis of theory and practice) and try to demonstrate IS research in its truest sense (a design-oriented methodology with an empirical evaluation and practical justification of developed artifacts).

Research areas and selected publications:

Enterprise Information Systems

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Cloud Computing

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Security Engineering

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Health IT

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